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Who We Are

Thank you for dropping by and taking an interest in KnowTech.

KnowTech has 30yrs of high-end large enterprise, medium-small business and individual support expertise in many streams of Information Technology & Communication (ITC). Each business and/or individual is unique and so are their ITC requirements.

Usually business owners don’t have the time or the desire to understand the way these tools work or invest the time in learning to fix or utilise the IT tools they can be so reliant on. They are more concerned about running their own business. And that’s fair enough. That’s where KnowTech comes in.

For those at home that may not be particularly computer knowledgeable there’s a tendency to struggle through or grudgingly call on family, friends or workmates to help them get over a computer problem. That’s where KnowTech comes in.

KnowTech is one place to contact for all your ITC needs. It is our endeavour to provide sound computer services and consultative expertise in a personal and friendly way without all the technical jargon. Also important to us is your confidentiality and privacy so your personal information will only be used for our records.

KnowTech with expertise in many streams of ITC, associated technologies and methodologies will be happy to provide to business owners and individuals research assistance if your requests are not already in our skillset. ITC is a big universe and we’re keen to work to resolve your computer needs “… so you don’t have to.


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